Let’s pretend for a minute that I like you

And you like me:

Where the sincerity behind your smile

Matches the feelings in my heart.

Where each tender caress,

And each passionate kiss

Is created especially for me-

And only me.

We can pretend that your heart lives down the block,

And not 5,000 miles away.

Late night dance parties and opening my bleary, Sunday eyes to you hovering just above my face-

Listening to me breathe while I listen to you make magic.

Let’s pretend those moments mean something more.

My cold hands finding such security holding your beautiful face, while my body rejects how we collide.

But baby, when we collide…

The hot and twisted, painful and intentional force of our pale frames dancing in the pink lights- delirious and abrasive.

Your flesh salty and tart as I run my tongue over your throbbing neck and lose myself to total abandon.

Where your hand on my thigh and the sun dancing across my lap while we forage for plants and sip on sweet coffees means so much more than what it means.

To my kinky lover, I wish we could role play one more time:

And this time, i like you and you like only me.

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