” while you look up at the dark sky

& you analyze the cosmos-

i look at you with wonderment

& awe.

you are my constellations,

these thoughts are just horoscopes.”

I have a big heart and a big spirit. Over my adult life I’ve realized that you can’t tell people what you think about them, or how you feel, without them becoming uncomfortable. I feel that people would feel so much more connected to one another if we could freely express love, pain, joy and fear without being worried about context or that our genuine feelings be interpreted in another way. 

Until there is a day where I can tell someone I love them deeply, and I think about them during the day without them being concerned that it means anything other than that- or that the pain I feel and express doesn’t mean I want to fight or get even…. until a day comes where pure feelings can be heard and felt at their basic level: I will just express them here. 

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